Monday, June 20, 2016


originally posted 7/01/2007

The web cam snapshot is updated every minute. The graphs and data on this page are updated every minute. The raw data is also submitted to Weather Underground every minute.

Weather Dashboard:

Running 5-day Temperature:

Running 5-day Pressure:

Running 5-day Rain:

Running 1-day Wind Speed and Gusts:

Running 5-day Wind Direction, Speed and Gusts:

See photos of the weather station components:
Weather Station Photos

The hardware is the discontinued WM918 kit from Oregon Scientific. These are the Tech Specs.

The software is Virtual Weather Station from Ambient Weather

Anyone may link to our weather images. A fresh version of each one is automatically uploaded every minute (assuming everything is working right, which is most of the time). If you use an image on a public site, I'd be grateful for a link-back.

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