Saturday, July 11, 2009

KCAALTAD1 Reporting

Bill Westphal (Wunderground call sign, KCAALTAD1) sent me his precipitation stats going back to 03-04.

1999-2000 19.76" -- --
2000-2001 21.22" -- --
2001-2002 8.27" -- --
2002-2003 24.47" -- --
2003-2004 15.47" 14.72" --
2004-2005 62.56" 56.66" 61.61"
2005-2006 24.06" 22.37" 23.35"
2006-2007 6.81" 6.52 " 6.15"
2007-2008 26.04" 24.66" 23.64"
2008-2009 16.34" 15.77" 15.09"
(04+) Avg 27.16" 25.20" 25.97"

Bill calculated averages from all the data which I thought was a really interesting; I included averages from the 04-05 season to the present.

I added lines from both Stonehill stations to Bill's station. According to Google Maps, Bill is at 1640' and is approximately 1.25 miles WNW of here.

That puts him at the exact same elevation as PacRad, but he's on slightly flatter terrain (no canyon walls directly adjacent to him). I speculate that the shape of the terrain more than the elevation is causing Dan to average almost 2" more than Bill and me about 3/4" more than Bill.

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An Actual Nigerian Scam in 2009

The message below happened to make it through my spam filter this morning. Hard to believe that the venerable Nigerian Scam is still circulating in almost original form. You'd think they'd change up the country at least.

Here is a hilarious description of how one scambaiter gets over on this kind of scammer (some scambaiter pranks aren't but this one is family friendly):

And here is a good article on I crave your distinguished indulgence (and all your cash) by Douglas Cruickshank

Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 10:00:29 -0500
Subject: can i confide in you

Dear Friend

I am John Enoh Ewan the Chairman House of Committee on Finance, National Assembly Chambers of Federal Republic of Nigeria I write to honorably request your assistance in helping to receive amount of money into your account for safe keeping and for future investment in your country.

By virtue of my position as the chief supervisor of foreign contracts, the sum of US$25,000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million United States Dollars) is available in escrow account that I intend to transfer overseas through your assistance as a foreign partner.

This money is as a result of Over provision in the Federal government budget for unpaid contract amount to foreign contractors who executed contract in the Niger - Delta in Petroleum industry.

As soon as the contract amount is paid to you, I will share with you 40% and 60% for me, my share you will help me to invest in any profitable and lucrative business in your country or any other country that you will so

You can reach me by return mail, including
(1) Your full names and Age
(2) Your contact address and country of Origin
(3) Your company's name (if any) Your Position /Occupation
(4) Your confidential telephone (cell) and fax number

The above information will enable me brief you more details of the transaction and also start the application process/documentation that will lead to the release of the funds to you through bank to bank transfer. While waiting for your quick response I remain your potential investment

Best Regards,

Honorable John Enoh

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rain wrap-up 2009

The rain season of July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 ended with 15.09 inches recorded on the Stonehill News weather station. I also have made a habit of reporting what my neighbor at the top of Stonehill has recorded, going back to 1999. Here are the available seasonal totals:

Season PacRad SHN Difference
1999-2000 19.76" -- --
2000-2001 21.22" -- --
2001-2002 8.27" -- --
2002-2003 24.47" -- --
2003-2004 15.47" -- --
2004-2005 62.56" 61.61" 2.6%
2005-2006 24.06" 23.35" 3.0%
2006-2007 6.81" 6.15" 9.7%
2007-2008 26.04" 23.64" 9.3%
2008-2009 16.34" 15.09" 7.7%

PacRad consistently logs a bit more rainfall, collecting 750 feet due North and 100 feet higher elevation. We assume this is due to micro climatic differences, not calibration or placement problems. The fact that the percent difference is not consistent year over year supports this assumption.

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