Monday, August 28, 2023

Don't let Supervisors ban short term rental in Altadena

Forgive the local politics, but next month LA County board of supervisors is going to be voting on a draconian restriction that completely bans short term rentals in all unincorporated parts of the county with very limited exceptions for primary residences.

If you appreciate use of unique local STRs like the ones up at Zorthians and the Ranchito, please take a minute to voice your opposition to Barger's office.

Below is a link and a prompt you can use to fill in the contact form on Kathryn Barger's site.

Field Office Location:
San Gabriel Valley

Vote no on the proposed STR ordinance

As a resident of unincorporated Los Angeles County, I am opposed to the proposed short term rental ordinance. It is needlessly restrictive and punitive to small businesses and families who rely on STR income. We personally enjoy the use of numerous unique STR options in Altadena when we have friends and family visit. Please vote no on the proposed STR ordinance.

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  1. Hi Jeremiah, thank you for keeping us updated on these and other important issues. I just found your blog through ACONA and think it's awesome. I look forward to reading about future news and developments that affect our community, thank you again for giving your time.