Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow in Altadena Feb 26, 2011

As the week progressed, and Saturday drew near, weather predictions of snow down to 500 feet persisted, leading many to hope it may actually come to pass. After a rainy night, morning broke Saturday, and it seemed like we might have missed our chance when some light brief hail and more rain started falling.

Then a strange thing happened late in the morning; the temperature dropped suddenly by about 10 degrees F, and an unusual kind of "soft hail" mixed with rain began falling. It was the source of much excitement. The entire neighborhood seemed to be out on their decks, judging from the periodic shrieks of excitement from various directions.

By my rough estimation, I think it started at around 11:45am. I've marked that approximate time with a yellow line on the various charts from the weather station. There are some very interesting and unusual patterns that came in with this system.

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