Friday, June 15, 2007

See you soon Aaron Proctor

Well, I'm just aggregating the news, so you may have already heard, but Aaron Proctor is taking a leave of absence from our community. He says he'll be back soon.

Even though I don't know him well, I will sincerely miss his contribution to local politics. Aaron has the unique ability to do his civic duty with a terrific sense of humor, and local politicians would do well to learn from Aaron's pure heart. Most people could not pull off his unique style and natural sense of humor, but everyone can learn from his integrity and sincerity.

Come back soon, Aaron. We need you in Pasa/Altadena politics. It's too predictable and boring without you!

Jeremiah (and Fiona)

Thanks For The Night
Published by Aaron Proctor June 15th, 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone who has shown their friendship and support - not only in the past few trying weeks but in the past few months and the past year as well.

This is going to be a challenging and sometimes troubling time for me but I appreciate the well-wishes and the love.

Confused yet? :-) Well, if you haven’t heard by now, I’ve formally resigned from the Human Relations Commission because I’ve temporarily relocated to another area of the United States due to losing my job and, subsequently, my apartment in Pasadena.

I thank you all for being such rockin’ people.

Stand & Deliver for life.

- Aaron

Proctor leaves Pasadena
Eccentric former mayoral candidate garnered attention
By Kenneth Todd Ruiz Staff Writer
Article Launched: 06/14/2007 09:10:10 PM PDT

PASADENA - There will be a little less snickering over the local political scene with the departure of its biggest fan and unlikeliest participant.

Cakey eyeliner and a Goth-rock aesthetic drew attention to Aaron Proctor's mayoral bid as the only candidate this spring against Bill Bogaard.

But his brief political stagecraft ended this week with a consistently atypical admission: He was broke and leaving the state to move back in with his parents in Missouri.

"I lost my job, and I lost my apartment. I didn't really have a choice," Proctor said by telephone Wednesday from a highway rest stop in Tucamcari, New Mexico. "I didn't really want to become homeless, you know?"

Drawing attention was one thing Proctor did well.

Although his mayoral campaign didn't convince, or given his $7 war chest, reach many voters, the 25-year-old garnered attention after his electoral loss in March by turning his campaign Web site,, into a blog for his irreverent take on members of the political establishment.

Among his sometimes acerbic - but mostly silly - commentaries, he famously described Bogaard as "170 years old," made a tribute video to "sexy" Councilman Steve Haderlein and ridiculed Councilman Victor Gordo's references to his days on Pasadena High School's football team.

"He's the self-proclaimed king of self-promotion," said Robin Salzer, former candidate for District 1's council seat and frequent victim of Proctor's polemics. "We talked after the election; I have no beef with Aaron."

Actually he does.

Although Proctor may be gone from Pasadena, he will live on at Salzer's restaurant in east Pasadena.

As a patty melt.

Arriving on the menu of Robin's Wood Fire BBQ & Grill as "The Noticeable One," his stage name during a former career promoting professional wrestling, is something of a political arrival for Proctor, who will be featured alongside sandwiches dedicated to members of the City Council.

Ultimately, Proctor's appetite for attention seemed to temper his rhetoric - he made up with Salzer and was less critical of Bogaard after the mayor appointed him to the Human Relations Commission after the election.

His departure leaves the mayor with that seat to fill.

Once he's re-established himself, Proctor vowed to come back to Pasadena.

Meanwhile, he'll still have the Internet to keep tabs on the Pasadena scene.

"I don't know who's going to make fun of Victor Gordo, but it's not like I'm going to stop following things," Proctor said. "I'm hardly interested in St. Louis politics."

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. I will never forget the day I met you and your beautiful daughter at the bus stop.

    I'm going to miss Pasadena a lot. I found work rather quickly out here (hey - it's only my first full day in the STL!) so I'm going to be saving every penny and sending money to my girlfriend so we can find an apartment back there. So, even though I may not return to Pasadena but some other area of Los Angeles, I will always care deeply and follow intensely the trials and tribulations of the Crown City.

    My only regret is that I didn't make more real friends and less "acquaintances". I wish I knew someone who would have been kind enough to let me stay on their couch while I found a job. It would have been a lot easier. But, c'est lat vie. And I guess it's nice to spend an extended visit with my parents whom I haven't seen in a few years.

    Thanks for being such an awesome person.

    Your friend,