Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PUSD BOE election results

Here are the results from yesterday's election, according to the website of the City Clerk. According to the election rules, a candidate must get 50% or more of the vote to win, so despite a commanding lead, Cooper will have to go up against Mastromatteo in a runoff. As predicted, Bib and Bob will have a rematch as well.

In a result that surprised me, the Stonehill News favorite for a Seat 6 landslide, Roberta Martinez, lost in what turned out to be a close race to the better funded Tom Selinske. I had at first assumed that a disparity in campaign financing might be an explanation, but I just heard from Roberta who informed me that in the end she and Selinske rang in at about $11,000 and $13,000 respectively... so that takes that theory off the table.

Seat 2 Votes %
George Loew 3,513 24.6%
Mark Mastromatteo 3,674 25.7%
Renatta Cooper 7,083 49.6%
Seat 4 Votes %
George Lewis 720 4.9%
Bob Harrison 5,238 35.9%
William A. Bibbiani 6,783 46.5%
Milena Albert 1,831 12.5%
Seat 6 Votes %
Roberta H. Martinez 6,881 48.3%
Tom Selinske 7,357 51.6%

I also find it interesting to look at the total number of votes for each seat.

Total Votes Total Abstained % Abstained
Seat 2 14,270 302 2.1%
Seat 4 14,572 0 (baseline) 0%
Seat 6 14,238 334 2.3%

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