Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some BOE feedback

Some people are shy. Some people may have conflicts of interest. Whatever the reason, here are some worthwhile comments from people who emailed me but requested anonymity:
Anon: Why is being a current PUSD parent more important than being a public school parent, in general. Just being a PUSD parent doesn’t make you qualified to be on the Board. I think that you need a solid understanding of the education field, otherwise, you just become another bureaucrat telling teachers how they should teach. Don’t you think that it’s beneficial to have a background in education, as well as thorough understanding of the complicated social issues in Pasadena?
Me: True being a current PUSD parent in and of itself is not enough, but still it's a heavy plus for me. Proves a commitment to these schools and this community. Especially Harrison whose last 2 kids of 5 are almost through with high school.

Anon: Do you know the specifics about what these candidates want to do about Noyes?
Me: Not a clue.
Anon: I think you guys should look at Milena Albert for seat 4. She comes from a background of working with Head Start and understands how important parent involvement is. She came from Russia and had to learn the language here which gives her another perspective as well.
Me: I like a lot of what I see about Albert, but I just think she's going for a really tough seat. Bibb and Bob are going to make it really hard for her to make a dent.
Anon: Do you guys know anything about Renata Cooper?
Me: Nope.
Anon: I really think it is time to see Bibb go - I can't point to anything that he has done in the last four years that would make me want to give him another four. And simply disagreeing with people isn't very productive - I don't see him as being able to persuade anyone that his dissenting opinion is worthwhile.
Me: Well, I have to agree with this one. That's what I argued over lunch Monday.

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  1. Hi Jeremiah,

    Passed you so quickly this morning, I didn't have time to give you my opinion.

    I went to the PTA Council Candidate Forum at Marshall and heard from the candidates on some pretty tough questions, with a focus on secondary schools.

    We have committed our vote to Bob Harrison for Seat 4. We've known the Harrison's for years through good and rough times at PUSD schools. His listening skills, business sense, and humor will be a welcome change to the board.

    I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that some of the candidates had about the most critical issues facing the PUSD.

    I am thinking of voting for Renatta Cooper and Roberta Martinez for the other seats. Not for the only reason that they are educated women, but that is on my list.

    One comment that Ms. Cooper made about the BOE needing to have a Board Workshop on the Brown Act sold me.

    I've had conversations with Roberta and she addresses a number of my concerns with secondary schools in her campaign talking points.

    There is another forum at the Altadena Community Center on February 24. This forum should be appropriate to address the pertinent issues of PUSD and the Altadena Community.

    I was elated to find out that there is a choice of willing and qualified candidates. This district has been on quite a ride over the last five years, and it is time for some to get off.

    There was a $9M budget deficit when talk of closing schools started. Four elementary schools were closed for a budget savings of $1M. There is a $6M deficit projected over the next three school years. The question is...where are those budget cuts going to come from?