Friday, March 17, 2006

PUSD Still on the Right Track

Pasadena Star News ran an article today stating that due to the (smart IMO) budget cuts made by the School Board, "the projected ending budget balance has increased, and officials expect to have enough funding for teacher raises and to implement secondary interventions in math next year."

This is totally in line with what I have been predicting since the discussion about cuts was first made public. I wish we could see more factual
positive articles with headlines like "District steadies budget." I realize that drama and controversy grab headlines over plain vanilla good work, so Kudos to the Star News for making space for this kind of story.

Updated 3/18: Well so much for the Star News sticking with the facts. Today Staff Writer Gene Maddaus leads off his City Beats column with pure unsubstantiated drama, stating "
As the Pasadena Unified School District crumbles, administrators are losing control of internal information."

What does Mr. Maddaus site to substantiate his bold assertion that the district is "crumbling"? In a nutshell, word of a lawsuit by a disgruntled former district employee, coupled with the fact that superintendent Percy Clark and financial director Eva Lueck use auto-responders on their public email addresses. The subtext of the entire article sounds like sour grapes from the tiny vocal minority who are upset about the Allendale closing.

I continue to wonder what
those who are so upset about the changes currently taking place in PUSD hope to achieve by dragging down the image of the entire district?

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