Monday, January 30, 2006

Crime Wave?

Hey, I thought this was a crime free area! What's up with this? First the reports from last month and now this. According to Nick, the owner of our local lunch stop, Everest Burger got broken into and robbed the night before last. They were installing the new glass today at lunch time. I snapped some pics of the smashed door with my phone.

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  1. Hi, Doris Finch checking in again, with the long view. In my 33 years here, I've seen patches of crime come and go, mostly petty, some horrific, such as the body dumped on Pinecrest in the late 70's or the mother of four shot to death early in the morning on her way to the car [10 years ago at most], just west of Altadena Dr. near Eaton Canyon. We've had prowlers and juvenile break-ins on Crescent, Bowring, Pinecrest etc. The sherriff will tell you that we are about as safe as it gets though. It is just that our world has an irreducible portion of nastiness. Bottom line: Use reasonable precaution, lock doors, keep in touch with your close neighbors and watch out for each other. Altadena is still a very special place.
    PS. Your [potential] new neighbor sounds pretty cool, just what we need here. Hope her hay bale project will work and the hill won't slide.